Best-selling Author, J K Winn (Out of the Shadow, The Author's Code), has many stories to share. After years of working in the "real" world as a psychotherapist, including a job teaching college, working with the Indian Health Service, performing evaluations for the New Mexican courts, and even a stint on a hospital dialysis unit, she decided to reinvent herself in mid-life and pursue her love of story.

She has eight published novels, including one published by Boroughs Press, a play produced by the Actor's Alliance Festival in San Diego, poetry anthologized in, For the Love of Writing, by the San Diego Writer's Workshop, and a play, Gotcha!, selected for a reading at the Village Arts Theater in Carlsbad, California.

She presently lives by the beach in San Diego County, California, and in the Rocky Mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Look for her novels:
Out of the Shadow, August 2012
The Spirit Keepers, February 2013
River of Desire, December 2013
Night of the Shadow, June 2016
The Spirit Seekers, December 2016
Hold Back the Wind, February 2018
Labor of Love, December 2019
The Spirit Breakers, in 2020



Can you escape the wrath of the Spirits?

After the disappearance of Cecilia Edakee’s cousin, and the confusion over which one of the law enforcement agencies has jurisdiction over the investigation, Sandy and Ben join forces with Cecilia and her cousin Bea to locate the missing woman. The rag-tag investigative team is baffled by a lack of evidence and must follow any trail they can to gather clues. This leads them to Albuquerque, Grants and, finally, the Navajo Nation to pull the pieces of this mystery together.

To complicate matters, Sandy is pregnant with Ben’s first child and he is concerned that the pressure from sleuthing around might be too much for her to handle. While she wants to do all she can for her pueblo ‘family,’ she must weigh her involvement against the preservation of her pregnancy and personal life.

Then matters take a turn for the worse and Sandy has no choice but to thrust herself into the inquiry. Risking not only life and limb...but all she holds dear.





" I loved it. Kept me in suspense waiting for what was going to happen next!! A very good book I would read again. " - Ava Bayne

An issue that she brings to the forefront so well with her magical writing

" Once again J K Winn does not disappoint. She touches the heart and soul of these people… Her characters come to life on every page… You are living their experiences… This issue is a current one, a sad one, and needs to be shouted from the hilltops…Congrats to J.K. Winn. " - Sue Radoff

Very Good Read

" I have read several of Winn’s books and enjoyed them all. I look upon the characters as old friends. The characters are connected from one story to the next. An enjoyable book. " - Sandra Jeter



Too many people have become ill in the small farming community of Vandasillo, and social worker, Elena Marquez wants answers from the local power company, but their new attorney, smart, sexy, Adam Slater stands between her and the truth.

Do The Right Thing

After a nasty divorce, single mom and social worker, Elena Marquez returns to her small farming community of Vandasillo, California. Within months of starting her new job, she's learning there are too many people contracting life-threatening illnesses, all of which seemed to trace back to the water supply next to the local power plant. Armed with indignation, Elena meets with the company's new attorney, Adam Slater. Smart, easygoing, and too handsome for his own good, Adam seems concerned, but he makes his priorities clear: he must represent his client's interests. As Elena presses for answers, she and Adam form an unlikely friendship. Adversaries with competing interests, they can't ignore their growing attraction. As evidence builds against the power company, Elena is threatened, and finds herself in danger. Adam never saw himself as a knight in shining armor, yet he saves Elena from an unknown fate. Now they are on the same side, their hearts and intentions entwined forever.


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One can only hope there is another JK Winn book in the making

"Once again JK Winn does not disappoint. I impatiently awaited her next book and it surpasses even my own expectations. The reader is once again swept along in a story that is graced with beautiful imagery. One can reach out and touch the characters.. they are so alive . It is a love story but encompasses so much more.. There are legal , emotional and scientific threads woven throughout .Well done ." - Sue Radoff


A Novel of Romantic Suspense
Without a medical miracle, Orlando Asala will die.

Pediatrician Vickie Marsh is determined to do everything in her power to save the five-year-old's life before he is released from the hospital and sent back to the migrant camp where his parents, who are seeking political asylum from the civil war in Colombia, are living in squalor. With kidney cancer, his fate will be sealed before he's wheeled out the hospital door. Orlando’s only hope is an experimental treatment developed by Doctor Zachary Scott.

One problem, Zack no longer works at the hospital, having quit his practice under bitter circumstances, and now teaches paragliding lessons. The only way Vickie can reach him is to sign up for a series of classes. While Vickie can certainly use a hobby to enliven her work-filled life, she has been warned that Zack has an axe to grind with the hospital and might not be willing to cooperate with her. Vickie sees this as a challenge, not an impediment, and forges ahead with a plan to convince the reluctant doctor to share his formula with her.

In the meantime, there have been an increasing number of unexplained deaths on the pediatric unit which concerns Vickie. Is this only a temporary fluke, or is something malicious afoot at the hospital?

Under pressure to spare one child’s life, and perhaps save others, Vickie soldiers on in the face of growing resistance from the hospital administration...and from Zack. Can Vickie convince Zack to work with her? Will she be able to save Orlando's life? And, in the process, will she discover the cause of the mysterious hospital deaths?

To find out, read this spellbinding story of intrigue, romance and Big Wind.


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Hard to Put Down

"This is an interesting book, no foul language ,nothing nasty. It’s very interesting and is hard to put down. It’s interesting to the very end.The feelings are real and true. A very good read." - Aloha

Loved It

"I love J.K. Winn's previous books. But I think this is her best effort yet. I became a part of the story she told about the 2 lovebirds. And I couldn't put the book down. I loved the twist and turns of the plot. She held my interest the entire book. I suggest this book to anyone with an interest in romance and a mystery to boot." - Laurie

Well written romance and mystery novel

"Well written book with just enough romance and mystery to keep you interested to the end. So glad to find authors that can write a good book without all of the “adult language” and sex that so many are stooping to these days. I would recommend this book to anyone who reads fiction, romance and suspense." - L.H.


The Spirit Series Book Two
Can you escape the wrath of the Spirits?

Sandy Jacobs and Ben Rush are back on the trail of another mystery. The head archaeologist in charge of excavating an important Anasazi ruin on Pueblo land turns up dead. The San Sebastian people, long opposed to the dig because of its potential to disturb their ancestors and stir up trouble, believe the Gods were behind this murder. They want the excavation immediately shut down and sealed off.

To make matters worse, someone is taking soil samples near the site and their purpose is unclear. Are they working in conjunction with the Pueblo government to protect the land and its people, or do they have another, more heinous, intent? And does this have anything to do with the murder?

Sandy and Ben turn to the police for answers to these questions, but they are of little help and might be protecting the authorities. Unable to sit by and do nothing, Sandy is again thrust into the role of detective, but without Ben's backing. She's determined to discover who stands to benefit from the archaeologist's death, even though Ben isn't so certain it's a who, but rather a what. Cultural differences they'd put to rest arise anew and marital conflicts surface to complicate an already complex situation.

Will Sandy be able to discover the person...or spirit...behind the crime before it is too late? Are the spirits truly opposed to the excavation and willing to wreak havoc? And, in the midst of all the confusion and contention, will whoever is responsible for the crime strike again?




Page Turner

"The story line was very strong. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Sometimes I rate a book by the length of the chapters. This one is good and bad - good because they are not too long and keep to the point. Bad because they are not too long and I kept saying to myself - I'll read just one more chapter, then just one more chapter, you get the idea. Since this is book number 2, I did not have the background of the characters, so I'm going to read book 1, which is probably just as good." - R.P.

The Very best of JK Winn's books Keeps you guessing

"The Very best of JK Winn's books. Keeps you guessing, what the outcome is going to be. I could not figure it out, which I usually do. Not this time.. Keep up the GREAT writing JK Winn.." - S.C.

The characters are so well-developed

"I always eagerly await her next book to arrive and I am never disappointed… They are so well written… The characters are so well-developed… You always feel like you’re right in the mist of the story… Can’t wait for the next one…" - S.R.

NIGHT OF THE SHADOW: The Amnesia Could Kill Her...

Shadow Series Book 2

Ellie Ross struggles with an alcohol problem and insecurities. While she’s successful at her job as a paralegal, she’s never had much luck with men. Next to Jessica, her good-looking best friend, Ellie is often left out.

When Jessica dies mysteriously during a wild night spent partying and drinking, Ellie suddenly becomes the center of attention. But not in the way she could have imagined, or ever wanted. The police write off Jessica’s death as an accident, but Ellie’s memories from that fateful night begin to come back to her in flashes, alerting her to the fact that Jessica was murdered. The murderer—whoever he is—will stop at nothing to prevent Ellie from exposing the truth.

Now, to protect herself from this faceless menace, Ellie must learn his identity. She hires Psychologist Sarah Abrams to help her recover her memories. Will she identify the killer in time to save herself, or will she become his next victim? Night of the Shadow will keep you on the edge of your seat as Ellie tries to outwit death until the final, surprising twist.


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Exceptional a Must Read

"Exceptional, this is the best J. K. Winn wrote. Ellie's story is intriguing with an abundance of information that you think you have it figured out. Then comes the twist which is amazing. Keep on writing J.K. Winn" - S. C.

Wonderfully written. I recommend this book

"Ellie is troubled, not only with fear of an unknown murderer, but with issues of her own she is trying to overcome. I felt her pain, fully understood her anxiety. Wonderfully written. I recommend this book."J.A.

I just love to be surprised and this novel really kept me ...

"I just love to be surprised and this novel really kept me engaged with the twists and turns of the plot. A very enjoyable and quick read. It's mostly a quick read because you don't want to stop reading until you find out who done it! Excellent!"

RIVER OF DESIRE: A Romantic Action Adventure

Romancing the Stone meets The Boys from Brazil.

Leah Roberts, a reporter on assignment in Peru, hires professional guide Dylan Hart to escort her into the Amazon jungle on the trail of the story of a lifetime--the outbreak of a deadly ebola-like disease. If loosed it will decimate the population of South America, and possibly the entire world.

A reclusive doctor may hold the answer to the lethal viral strain--but first they must get to him. On the river, Leah and Dylan encounter treacherous rapids and carnivorous creatures, but what they fear most is the attraction growing between them. Little do they know what awaits them at the end of their search.

Don't expect the ordinary when you begin a trip down the River of Desire. So hop on board the boat and take an action-packed ride down the mighty Amazon with Leah and Dylan, who face daunting adventures, but know that love is the most amazing adventure of all.


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WOW! so much action in this book!

"I love a good action flick and to find almost as much action in a book is a wonderful thing! I was angry, I was happy, I was on the edge of my seat excited to turn the page!" - L. D.

An Author to Follow

"Suspense, tension, action and adventure only partially explain this story. It's one of those books that bring on so many different emotions that you simply cannot stop reading, because you are eager to find out what is going to happen next. It's definitely a book that I got lost in. I was borderline depressed when I was finished reading because I had grown attached to the characters, plot and overall storyline. Excellent work by an incredibly talented author."

Falling in Love on a river!!!

"I could not put this book down. Loved how this story brought me into thinking that I was on the river and falling in love. I recommend this book to anyone who needs that adventure."

THE SPIRIT KEEPERS: A novel of romance and suspense

Can you escape the wrath of the Spirits?

After relinquishing her infant son for adoption, Sandy Jacobs vows she will never let another child down. Now, in an attempt to start life over and put the past behind her, she moves from Philadelphia to teach on the San Sebastian Pueblo in New Mexico.

When one of her ten year old students and his family are accused of witchcraft and blamed for the mysterious deaths of two Pueblo children, Sandy has the chance to fulfill her promise. The family is being terrorized by "Boogeymen" Kachina, fierce-looking impersonators of the spirits. Sandy rushes to their aid, but her actions inflame the perpetrators and arouse the opposition of Native born faculty member, Ben Rush.

Sandy and Ben clash over the issue while struggling against the attraction growing between them until the harassment culminates in violence. Together they risk their lives to uncover the truth and, in the process, learn lessons as valuable as any they have taught.

Don't miss the chance to read this equally heartwarming and harrowing story, set against a backdrop of mesas, mystery and the magic of the Southwest.


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Cleverly Written Romantic Suspense

"Although [The Spirit Keepers] is a cleverly written romantic suspense, the tale is a notch above the typical sub-genre novel. The story line brilliantly takes an incredible in depth look at the customs and rituals of the Pueblo Indians and places them into the plot. The enthralling background provides more than wonderful scenery as it provides the motive for the growing tension of accelerating threats … The secondary cast provides powerful depth and Brent is a strong individual. Fans of Tony Hillerman will fully relish this superb tale and search for more winners from Winn." - Harriet

A Novel You Cannot Put Down

"JK Winn has done it again. This is an exquisite story. It does exactly what a novel should do – transport you out of time into a place and world you can feel under your skin. A novel you cannot put down full of love, compassion and life – yes, there is a twist that takes your breath away." - Southern Cal

Kept on the Edge of My Seat

"I truly enjoyed this book. The Spirit Keepers kept me on the edge of my seat wondering who the bad guy was until the very end … . I hope that everyone is able to pick up a copy of this book!" - Reese

OUT OF THE SHADOW: A psychological thriller novel by J.K. Winn

Shadow Series Book 1
Two women. One goal. To uncover the truth no matter the cost.

A survivor of rape and her husband's murder, all Becca Rosen wants to do is move on with her life, but how can she when she's being stalked by a psychopath with an attitude---and an agenda. The police are no help because they're convinced, with her history of mental illness, Becca has faked the rape to get away with murder. On top of that, Becca has begun to have flashbacks of childhood abuse, possibly at the hands of the rapist. Not knowing where to turn, and feeling like she might go crazy again, Becca hires Psychologist, Sarah Abrams.

Three men come into Becca's life around the same time. While each of these men has his charms, Becca can't be certain whether one of them is the perpetrator. Or could it be someone else? Together Becca and Sarah start on a course of hypnotherapy to discover the abuser's identity. Will their work reveal the real killer before it's too late, or will Becca fall prey once again to this demented criminal?


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Masterful Storytelling

" At the outset, I must point out that repressed memory syndrome is a very controversial topic and that many people have been unjustly accused of a terrible crime by the implantation of false memories by a well-meaning therapist. So, often the "recovered memories" are not real. No matter what your opinion on this topic, it has no bearing on the enjoyment of the book.

The storytelling is a little different. The overall framework is that Becca’s therapist is revealing all that happened to Becca during the course of a lecture. However, the story is actually told from the perspective of Becca. It seems a bit confusing, but the approach works.

There are several red herrings and it is most satisfying when everything is drawn together and we learn what has really been going on and who was responsible for what.

I definitely look forward to reading more of this author's books."
- Hillel Kaminsky

Good read. Surprising ending!

" Well thought out plot. Good characters that keep you interested. I enjoyed the meshing of the two stories at the end. I did not have this one figured out! " - HRH

Really good book. Held on to you

" Really good book. Held on to you. You didn't figure it out right away as some. Enjoyed it all the way from start to end! Well done!! - Kindle Customer

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