Poem: Topic of Cancer

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May 14, 2012
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June 3, 2012

Poem: Topic of Cancer

“Topic of Cancer”

You spread your alien seed
Parasitic sprawl
Cellular congestion
Into membrane, soft tissue, muscularis
Gnarled tendrils stretch toward lymph nodes
Hitchhike a ride for far-flung organs
To populate new territory
Gorge on liver and spleen

With the stealth of a determined insurgent
You steal upon unsuspecting systems
Consume skin, connective tissue, blood vessels, bone.
Until little is left to feast upon
But I refuse to let you feed on flesh without a fight

I zap you with current
Douse with poison
Excise with sharpened instruments
Repel with optimism
And plan for a future without you.
Grasp daylight between frightened fingers
Insulate myself with tender dreams and renegade visions

Even as you send paralyzing probes deep within
I defend with well-prepared potions
Change biology through chemistry
Antioxidants, fiber, meditation, spirituality
Believe that magic and miracles mixed with the
correct measure of aminos
Can reverse the continental drift
Away from tantalizing tissue, succulent cells

All the while aware
I invited you in the first place
I’m being a terrible host
But you, like most guests, have overstayed your welcome
And must be taken by the tentacle and shown the specimen bag

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