The Cancer Diary: Chapter Ten – More Problems and Pep Talks

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June 6, 2013
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June 17, 2013

The Cancer Diary: Chapter Ten – More Problems and Pep Talks

I just finished giving Max a pep talk. You know, “Don’t let your stinking thinking get in your way. Lets look at the evidence. Yada, yada, yada. ”

Why is it so easy to slip into negative and catastrophic thinking even in light of positive chanes? Sure, it’s not perfect. Max is still swollen and miserable, but he’s putting on weight, getting around, the house if not town, and able to make his own Budwig breakfast, ‘the breakfast of cancer champions.’  Still, I understand the ease with which we can slide into discouragement and fear because my brain works the same way. That’s why I’ve had to learn to look for symptoms of mental distress, which are often sneaky, pounce on them and reprogram my brain’s belief system.

So now that Max is back in a more hopeful frame of mind, I have to remind myself to stay centered too. I need to discipline my thinking as though it were a child. And that takes concerted effort when it feels like the sky is falling…and it’s been June gloom for days. Back to meditation and exercise, whenever I can take the time away from caretaking.

Meanwhile, Max remains on his diet of Budwig morning and night and Cellect in between as well as his vitamin, mineral and enzyme routine. Then there’s the GB 4000 Mopa for a couple hours a day to fight off any microbes that might be on the rampage. I’ve also been told the GB 4000 destroys any microbe that inhabits the cancer cells, and acts as the ‘replicator’ mechanism for the cancer, thereby damaging the cells so they cannot proliferate. That’s to be seen.

Doubts aside, we have no choice but to go forward. There is no other option.

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