The Cancer Diary: Chapter Six – Alternative Treatment

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May 8, 2013
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May 21, 2013

The Cancer Diary: Chapter Six – Alternative Treatment

Is it always darkest before the dawn? Not necessarily, but definitely in this case. Gloom and doom descended and left its pale. Each day of writhing pain and near exhaustion was followed by another with unremitting horror. Although it was sunny in San Diego, neither Max or I ever saw sunlight. Instead we were trapped in the insular world of hospital and nursing facility, where there never seemed to be anything but florescent glare.

Then another miracle happened. Max’s son was on his way for his final visit when he came across a program to treat Stage IV cancer. It’s called the Cellect/Budwig program and can be found at At first I scoffed at the idea of beginning an alternative, scientifically unproven program. How would vitamins and minerals ever be able to scratch the surface of Max’s advanced disease when surgery and chemo couldn’t penetrate. Besides, any of these so-called “alternative” treatments might be a hoax perpetuated by hungry people feeding off of desperate people in an untenable, irreversible situation. But Aaron persuaded me to do my research and I finally agreed to try the nutritional part. What did we have to lose?

That was 2 months ago. At the time we began the Cellect/Budwig diet, Max had lost over 30 pounds and was unable to rise and stand on his own. He spent the majority of his time sleeping and really couldn’t raise his head without effort. So, we lifted his head and poured the potions and pills down him. While he still lingered in a nursing home, we had to mix the formulas surreptitiously and  hide them in the back of the patient refrigerator. But we did this in the face of long hours by Max’s bedside and little evidence anything was different.

Slowly, though, things began to change. For the first time in a year Max stopped bleeding from his bladder. Since the only thing keeping him alive over time was a drug that built red blood cells called Procrit and regular transfusions, this event was of major significance. And his appetite began to resurface, another major breakthrough. Maybe this program could do something, but could it really reverse Max’s cancer?

That was to be seen.

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