The Cancer Diary: Chapter Seven – The treatment continues…

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May 14, 2013
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May 28, 2013

The Cancer Diary: Chapter Seven – The treatment continues…

Every once in awhile I take a long break from my chores and walk along the beach. I’m in the enviable position of living on the edge of the ocean, within walking distance of the waves. For me, walking along the coast has a meditative and restorative power .  The sight of the spume, the smell of the surf, the sound of people playing is so far removed from everything I’ve been through the last year, it has come to symbolize normal for me. I love the wafting aroma of weekend barbeques. The chortle of joyful laughter. The off shore breeze. The sun warmed skin. It’s represents everything I’ve had to do without.

I’d like to take a slight detour here to describe what I’m trying to accomplish with this diary. Besides sharing what it is like to live though this extremely difficult time, I wanted to offer an overview of Max’s treatments, especially the alternative kind. When I went to research alternative treatments for him, I was surprised by the paucity of information online. Sure, there are sites advertising different potions and machines, with extravagant claims of success, but what I wanted to know is if any of their claims were true. I thought the Cancer Tutor site was most helpful, and I’m following one of their recommended regiments, but I still couldn’t decipher between the helpful and the not so much. So, I dove into this experimental treatment without any real assurance many, or really any, had  recovered from cancer by applying these methods. And since this isn’t dirt cheap, I thought I might use what I learn to help guide others, or at the very least, offer them Max’s idiosyncratic experience.

And that takes us back to the past week, which has been an uneven one. Max continues using the Cellect/Budwig protocol, along with the GB 4000 Mopa machine, and has been doing this for the past 4 weeks. So far the benefits include no bleeding from his bladder, after a year of chronic blood loss, and no infections, after months of serious bacteria infections that condemned him to the hospital for over 4 months. He’s no longer on antibiotics, which is partly because of the GB Mopa and partly from taking immune builders and silver. And he takes high doses of B vitamins and Iron to rebuild his blood so he hasn’t needed any transfusions–– a tremendous relief.

One new, not so pleasant development:  His pain has resurfaced after a few weeks vacation and he has begun taking morphine again. In addition, he has developed edema in his genitals and feet, which may be partly attributed to hours of immobility, or maybe due, as I’ve been told, to “die off” or Herxheimers Syndrome, caused by the destruction of microbes, a side effect of the GB4000 Mopa. The good news: He is now walking around on his own, and even walked the dog yesterday. What a shock it was to come downstairs the other day and find him making his own breakfast because he was too hungry to wait for me.

And what a joy!

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