The Cancer Diary: Chapter Eight – New Week, New Leak

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May 21, 2013
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June 4, 2013

The Cancer Diary: Chapter Eight – New Week, New Leak

Another sunny San Diego day…at least outside. Inside Max is inundated with nurses and therapist. It’s been another complicated week, but I’ve come to expect that. Nothing’s easy with this disease. Max has punctured his Nephrostomy bag and has spent much of the holiday weekend trying to glue it together. Thank heaven for Super Glue. This morning he called Interventional Radiology and they told him the bag can be replaced without having to replace the entire kidney tube. I ran to the hospital to pick up  a freebie.

So the bag issue seems to be managed, but the unmanageable part is Max’s edema. His genitals are still swollen and painful and don’t seem to be responding to any intervention. So far he’s tried diuretics and massage, but neither seem to be doing much. If the swelling is related to the spread of cancer, there might not be anything to do. But, if it’s related to the die off of dysfunctional cells from the GB 4000 Mopa, then stopping treatment for a few days should take care of it. Max is now in his second day without being zapped by high frequency electro-magnetic waves and so far, no response, but we’ll see how it goes in a day or two. He continues to take his Budwig formula twice a day and his Cellect as well as his enzymes, MSM (sulphur solution), silver, B vitamins, immune builders, iron and potassium. It’s a more rigorous routine than it sounds, as doses have to be spaced out just right. He has to take the enzymes on an empty stomach so they break down the outer shell of the cancer, not the contents of his stomach. And the Budwig and Cellect can’t be taken within an hour and a half of one another. Certain vitamins and nutrients need to be taken after a meal while others on an empty stomach. So, I’m busy most of the day mixing potions and handing out pills.

One ray of light in my otherwise super structured existence is our daughter Leah’s bi-weekly visits. She drives down from LA every other weekend (not an easy feat with traffic) and spends most of her time preparing healthy meals for Max. Since his cancer diet consists of no meat of any kind as well as no white flour, white sugar or white rice, he’s had to totally restructure his diet. Needless to say, it isn’t simple to find packaged foods that don’t have bad oils, white flour/rice, or hidden sugars so Leah and I have been on a hunt for recipes that will work. I hope to include some of these recipes in future entries to help others who are trying to combat cancer through diet. While I don’t think diet alone will destroy cancer cells, I think it’s an essential part of a total program. How can anyone hope to get healthy if they keep eating unhealthy foods? Our goal is to help Max’s body assimilate the nutrition he needs to build healthy cells while we’re trying to rid his body of unhealthy one.

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