The Cancer Diary : Afterthought 6 – Revisited

The Cancer Diary: Afterthought 6 – What worked, What hurt
August 31, 2013
The Cancer Diary: Afterthought 7 – Grieving
September 24, 2013

The Cancer Diary : Afterthought 6 – Revisited

I wanted to follow up on my blog entitled, What worked, What hurt, because I focused on the failures, rather than the successes. I would think that’s kind of natural given the final outcome. But there were some successes and they need to be mentioned. For one, chemo actually beat back Max’s cancer following the recurrence, and the surgeons couldn’t find any evidence of the disease during his surgery in early 2012. Unfortunately, they didn’t look hard enough because there was already problems with his bladder and a month post surgery, the tumor returned with a bloody (literally) roar. Had they undertaken a bladder biopsy, which should have been done since he was in the ER a week before surgery bleeding from the bladder and the sample failed to grow out any bacteria, they might have found and removed the tumor and at least given him a fighting chance at survival. As it turned out, they were negligent and left him to suffer and die a terrible death. But, that being said, the chemo was effective for a time and was a great pre-surgical tool.

The nutritional program helped him to build strength and put on weight, which is essential in combating cancer. I think the Cellect/Budwig diet is an effective weapon in the arsenal, not so much to cure cancer, but to give the body the resources and time needed to heal. Without a nutritional program, Max would have wasted away much sooner.

Finally, the GB4000 Mopa proved to be a terrific tool in combating infection. I was told the 4000 would destroy any microbe in the body. Before Max began using the 4000, he had one serious infection after another, which sent him into the hospital for close to 4 months.  Once he started on the machine, he only had two minor infections which were easily managed at home. I have read the literature online from Lyme disease suffers and many of them use and swear by the 4000. Whether the 4000 can actually destroy the microbes that are the engine behind cancer cell mitosis and replication is still a question in my mind, but the equipment definitely does have some powerful and useful applications.

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